Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Labyrinth

© 2006 Oona McOuat

Squeezed between the longing for what has been lost, and the desire for what may be, there lies this moment.
photo by Kmax

It is so easy, especially at this hectic time of year, to be everywhere but here. There is so much information floating about, telling us how we should live our lives: how we should fill them with vivid, positive images of what we want to have happen, propelling us out of the now into the next, manufactured moment.   Or we are counselled to painstakingly uncover the subconscious patterns that have created our past so we can control our future.

photo by Leigh Hilbert

I am beginning to believe that the Creator has a wonderful sense of humour. Just when we think we have a handle on natural laws and have figured out the ways of the universe, we're thrown a curve ball. Life is full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises.
photo by Kmax

A year ago, when the potential randomness of the universe was unleashed upon my life, I was left shaky and despondent. If bad things could happen to good people - how in the world could I feel safe?  How could I take responsibility for what I was experiencing yet avoid falling into self-blame? And why did my innocent heart of hearts still believe that what appeared to be bad might actually be good?

Some things are constant: the beating of our hearts, the rise and fall of our bellies as we breathe, the light returning at the darkest, coldest time of year, whispering of hope…. 

As we follow the twisted labyrinth path on this shifting, searching planet, perhaps all we have to guide us is the knowledge that our lives will spiral up and down with a wild, passionate, beauty that is reflected in the cycles of the seasons.

photo by Kmax

It is almost winter, and once again, the descent into the dark has left me with a legacy of loss. But this year, I am stronger. I burrow into the warm cocoon of my knowing, and trust that this moment is neither bad nor good. It just is. Of course, my emotions tell me otherwise - creature of deep feeling that I am. Yet beneath the highs and lows, there is a murmur, a lullaby, which calms and soothes as it sings that love and light are constant. They are faithful, if invisible, companions.

Perhaps they are the guides that lead us to the realm of Faerie - a place where nature sings, magic swells, and the heart - even in the depths of winter - knows joy.

photo by Kmax

As we journey into the center of the labyrinth, I wish you peace. I wish you joy. I wish you love and presence.

Stop. Breathe. Believe. Become. Savor the gifts of winter.

photo by Kmax

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