Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Storms, Quakes, and Dolphin Dreamtime

© 2012 Oona McOuat

The moon is full; the earth is changing. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and wild weather.... In the northern hemisphere, we approach Samhain (All Hallows), the midpoint between the balance of the autumn equinox and the winter solstice - the darkest day of the year.

If we were in a fairy tale, we would be at the part where Jack has climbed his magic beanstalk and arrived at the home of a fearsome giant, where the miller’s daughter sits alone wondering how she will ever weave that pile of straw into gold, where Hansel and Gretel are lost in the forest...

Hansel and Gretel

Lately, I have been like the Princess and the Pea – tossing fitfully as I sleep through layer upon layer of dream.

The Princess and the Pea by Cat MacBride

I know others have been dreaming more too, wandering at night through the hidden world of the unconscious. Perhaps our dreamtime is guiding us towards a clear, true path that will lead us out of the woods. But for me, this is not the time for action...  And so, I open and receive like a child listening to a bedtime story, letting memory, image, and sensation guide me through the wilderness of not knowing.

Most of us don’t like the part of the story where nothing happens.  We want our heroine to slay the dragon – now!  Words are today’s swords, and so we arm ourselves with the internet’s quick fixes and easy answers.  Time-pressed and money-pressured, bombarded with constant communication but little communion, we tell the stories of our lives in 140 characters or less.  As winds howl and days darken, we are lost in the maze of mind, numb to the beauty and meaning all around us.

There’s no place like home by Cat MacBride

Some red shoes, a gnarled oak, a wishing well ... if we fall into its depths, we will find our radiant selves.

Happily ever after is right here, right now. The dolphins told me so! Enjoy this video of them and me swimming together on August’s Blue moon. Created by Leigh Hilbert, it features my song Ancient Mother.

May your days be blessed with beauty, your nights, snuggly and sweet.


Photo by Leigh Hilbert

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