Monday, June 22, 2015

I’m Ready

© 2015 Oona McOuat

You were born on Beltane, the 1st of May, a day of dancing Faeries and deep magic for the Celts.  You were a dreamer and a doer, a visionary, a builder of community, of beauty, and of life.

How quickly things can change in a fortnight.  Three weeks ago, you were convalescing from what x-rays showed were a few cracked ribs.  Two weeks ago, you were told you were dying of cancer.  Today, on Midsummer’s Night Eve, you released your body and joined your celestial sisters in the heavens.  Alice Moon.  I have been blessed to know you.
Alice Moon in Hilo, Hawaii at Black and White Night - one of her many wondrous legacies

Photo by Leigh Hilbert
You have been one of my super supporters, inviting me to play at countless events while organizing and promoting my concerts and tours.  You have conjured myriad details into place and created warmth, meaning, and belonging in the most unlikely of situations.  You gave love purely and generously to all, from an open heart. 
Two days ago, I called you, having just heard the news, and you surfaced from your deepening and found the strength to talk.  “I love you, I love you,” you repeated in my ear.  “I’m ready.”

Courageous to the last breath, you have now fearlessly surrendered to an energy that is greater than our individual lives.  I see you, rising like a comet, circling the moon.  And I want you to know, as I prepare to travel solo to perform and teach at the Open Up Festival in the Netherlands, I will draw on your courage and lean into your words. I will remember what you have taught me: success lies not in controlling every detail, but in surrendering to essence. It is our presence, not our perfection, that makes the Magic happen.

With the planet rapidly shifting, so much is in flux.  May we find the shining source within, that which is constant even in the midst of tumultuous change. Sunlight, starlight, heart-light, Moon-light...

I am ready, Alice. And I love you.

 photo by Leigh Hilbert

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