Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Safely to the Light

A silver crescent moon sits in the midnight blue sky - light and dark in perfect balance. Tonight will be the longest night. Tomorrow, the wheel turns.

What if our time on earth is simply this - a dance between polarities, the final recognition being that there is no self or other - only the unifying music of the spheres.
photo by Leigh Hilbert
There is so much I do not understand. How can it be that each child I share with is so full of bright potential, so willing to express and experience love, and yet the grownups who manage our world are so often disconnected from their hearts? Snow sparkles under the maiden moon, stars twinkle in the blue-black night. Tomorrow, the sun will rise and shine upon all of us. How can we so deftly ignore the miraculous, so tidily package a reality severed from the source?

Here is my winter prayer. Tonight, may breath and space and silence enfold all those who are harming or capitalizing on the gifts the natural world so freely gives us. May a flicker of desire for balance and wellbeing spark them to make bold new choices and take life-giving actions. Tonight, may we sleep the sleep of the innocent, snuggled cozily in warm winter beds. May our dreams gently guide us to a path that takes us from this darkest of nights, safely to the light.   

Photo by Kmax

A little piece of Winter Magic for you: 


Snuggles said...

A sensitive and beautiful story. Love the photos.

Snuggles said...

A sensitive story calling for reflection. Beautiful pictures.